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A Round Up of Recent Research on Child and Youth Homelessness (January-July 2021)

From the SchoolHouse Connection: Aug 9, 2021 | Featured Research

Did you know?

  • Pre-pandemic, an estimated 5% of children under age six in the United States experienced homelessness.

  • Sixteen percent of infants and toddlers in the U.S. live in crowded housing, which is associated with higher risk of COVID infection and is known to jeopardize development.

  • Across 24 states, approximately 9.17% of all public high school students experienced homelessness. But at least two-thirds of students who experienced homelessness were not identified as homeless by their schools.

  • Research on California students shows that homelessness is negatively associated with student learning outcomes, regardless of living arrangements.

  • Michigan students who were currently housed, but had experienced homelessness at any point in the last eight years, were disciplined at rates even higher than their currently homeless peers, showing the long-lasting impacts of experiences of homelessness.

  • In Chicago, Black K-12 students have a one in four chance of experiencing homelessness at some point during their academic tenure.

  • Youth who access transitional housing, particularly for longer periods, experience positive outcomes related to housing, employment, education, and access to services.

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